Flat rate IT support for small businesses

Forget about local IT support. ZoomSupport is the new blazing fast way to receive IT support in the US and Canada.

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Effective IT security for your small business

We set up effective IT security solutions for small businesses across the US and Canada.

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24/7 IT support

Unlike your local IT support, we resolve your day-to-day tech issues within minutes so you can focus on your business. Our revolutionary remote support will quickly install software updates, perform malware maintenance, troubleshoot software or device issues.

Security and backup

According to statistics 14% of businesses never recover from ransomware, viruses, hacker attacks or data loss. we got you covered with effective malware solutions, cloud backup of your vital data, and security to your devices and network.

Support for your software

Cloud apps and enterprise software make your business more effective, allow you to work from any part of the globe, all  while saving you money. We will be you trusted partner in choosing and supporting solutions like Google Suite, Office 365, email services, VOIP, or other apps.

We support technologies your business deals with:

Upgrade your business while saving money with our innovative 24/7 support.


We are accessible 24/7 which allows us to address your problems within minutes. Unlike your local IT support, you won’t have to schedule an appointment or wait for days for someone to serve you on site.


Your local IT support on average charges $200 per incident for one device.
Our pricing starts at $20 per computer per month and at $100 per server per month.
Thanks to our innovative remote support technologies we are able to serve you much cheaper and much faster as well.


We use brand new smart monitoring technology to detect issues on your computers and networks before they become serious problems. This allows us to proactively resolve 30% of your issues. Forget about traditional support that only helps on per incident basis.

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  •   They know exactly what they are doing. Zoom Support has save me tons of time and money.

    thumb James Anthony McElligott

      WHY! didn't I know about ZoomSupport before! The service is EXCELLENT! If you want your computer fixed by a Technician this is the best way to go about it. Always available. Highly Recommend it! Cheers!

    thumb Rimbo Nuto

      Zoom support is an outstanding asset to have for maintaining my computer at an optimal level. The technicians are courteous and extremely knowledgeable. I just extended my service two years as I will not be without the service.

    thumb Lionel Mouton
  •   The best service I have experienced in a very long time.

    thumb Rev. Robbie

      I really appreciated this service, they were very helpful to improve my over all function of my computer and explained everything very well to me. I feel happy I can rely on them for my IT needs in the future.

    thumb Thelma Villa

      Thanks to the Technician who had done well for my computer. They took care my computer and solved the problem.

    thumb Johnny Lee